A Special Bento Box Chupa Chups Tokyo 2020

On going the partnership between Excèlsa and Chupa Chups in order to celebrate the next beginning of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Starting from today, throughout the period of the olympic games, a special Bento Box filled of lollipops Tokyo Limited Edition will be the sweet days’ companion of some selected influencers. As long as the creators – sport lovers, of Japanese culture and travels, although you can buy a box to keep your Chupa Chups and filled it of yuzu, cherry blossoms, strawberry matcha smoothies and ramune lollipops.


Chupa Chups Tokyo Limited Edition products are available at the best shops and bars. Chupa Chups boxes are made by Excélsa code 64349 – available for purchase at Excélsa’s shops, Excélsa Point and Authorized Resellers (visit this link for further details).


Photo Credits: Conosco un posto, by Caterina Zanzi.